VB.NET - How to get pass this error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: HealthGroup

Asked By Kevin on 01-May-13 04:26 PM

I'm receving an error on the line of code:

txtPGroups.SelectedValue = dr("PracticeGroup").ToString

How can I get by this?

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Robbe Morris replied to Kevin on 01-May-13 04:49 PM
IF this is a SqlDataReader, are you sure it has rows in it?  Are you sure this is a valid column name?
Kevin replied to Robbe Morris on 02-May-13 09:49 AM

This is the current value in the table:

ID GroupID JobCode PracticeCode Dept

Robbe Morris replied to Kevin on 02-May-13 09:51 AM
Invalid column name "PracticeGroup" is not PracticeCode