Oracle Database - How do I connect from Crystal Report version to Oracle 10G express in windows7?

Asked By Davy on 04-May-13 03:20 AM

I`m new to oracle 10G express and I`m developing an application that needs reports to preview some data from oracle tables.

The oracle database is installed on the server and I installed the client on my machine. I need to use the crystal report 11 to report the output. Thus, I designed a crystal report that should simply read a table on oracle and though I need to be able to connect to the oracle 10G Express Edition database. I tried to create a connection from the crystal report using the Database Expert >> Create New Connection >> Oracle Server and I include the following parameters.:
  • Service: host:1521/XE
  • Username: username
  • Password: password
Then when I tried to connect the crystal report crashes always.

Is there any way to create a connection to the Oracle Database 10G express from Crystal Report 11?

Please advise...