VB.NET - List to Array - I think?! - Asked By Tony Reilly-Cooper on 08-May-13 04:07 AM

Morning / Evening Guys and Girls. 
Come across a stumbling block and cant seem to work it out.

I have an SQLCE database which contains a list of users in a table. This table is populated by a user and can have any number of items in it.
The user of my application completes a form (Selecting one of the users in the table above) and this entry is saved in the database in a separate table. 

I know I can run a SQL count command for an item e.g. Count Where etc but how can I do this for every item in the table of users.
Would I have to convert the table of users into an array? If so how would I even start? 

Sorry if that doesn't make sense. 

Appreciate your help! 

Chris Challis replied to Tony Reilly-Cooper on 11-Nov-13 07:07 AM
You have a couple problems to solve here.

You have to loop through each user and do a count for the number of items.  Depending on your database structure this could be done any number of ways.  

If you want to convert the users into an array I suggest taking a look at these tutorials