ASP.NET - Validation - Asked By prince b on 13-May-13 12:35 AM


In My MVC application I need to remove error tool tips when a radio button is changed and here I have written the following method but it is not working,so what is the problem and please give me the solution
(function () {
        .change(function () {
          if (this.checked) {
            $("#intStaffHousesCount [data-val]").attr("data-val", true);
            $("#intStaffHousesCount ").show();
            //$("#intStaffHousesCount ").error.
          else {
            $("#intStaffHousesCount [data-val]").attr("data-val", false);
            $("#intStaffHousesCount ").hide();
In the above when changing the radio buttons the textbox should be disabled and needs to remove error providers
Thanks in advance