Microsoft Excel - formula help - Asked By anu anu on 13-May-13 01:49 AM

hi ,

 i need foe help for excel Isuue , i have one data in Sheet one ,as a base file. i need  some calculation in next sheet with refer of base file.

in base file my data like below

Actual Branch MDS/NMDS Status
df ABC Geeta
df  XYZ neena
op ABC Geeta
nd XYZ neena
op ABC Geeta
nd XYZ poonam

Now i want  calculate like below in other sheet-2

Actual Branch Abc\Xyz Geeta Neena poonam
df ABC 1    
XYZ   1  
ND ABC 0 0 0
  XYZ   1 1
op ABC 2    

Matthew Johnson replied to anu anu on 17-May-13 10:11 AM
Looks to me like you are asking for a way to create a Pivot Table, which is a built-in feature of Excel...
Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 18-May-13 10:55 PM
Hello Anu,
Yes, Matthew is right, a Pivot Table will give you something similar to what you have indicated.  It won't give the rows with zeroes/blanks that you have shown.  Just select Data, Pivot Table and follow the dialog boxes and you should be able to set it up pretty quickly.  You need to put Branch and MDS/NMDS into the left hand column of the guide and Status into the top row and the data section of the guide.  You can delete any unwanted rows.