ASP.NET - How to Display & Edit Employee Complete Profile in Aspx page?

Asked By Narendar Ch on 13-May-13 02:36 AM
Hi Good Morning.,
I am Naren.. 
I am learning .Net , i am  new to this technology.. i am developing a small web application like a Employee Management. I am facing a problem in that i don't know how to do this. pl anyone give me an idea/solution.

My Question is:

I want to display Employee Complete Profile, for example Personal Details, Education Details, Employment Details, like...
all details were already stored in db, for every particular employee whenever they login and click on My Profile page it should redirect to particular page in that page i want to display all information of that employee on page load event.
Whenever they want to edit their details i want to enable textboxes to enter them and save.. 

How can i do this using C#, is there any control in to show all details at a time only one employee particularly.. like details view.. and can able to edit and save..

Please anyone tell me how i can i do this ??

Thanks in Advance.. 
Danasegarane Arunachalam replied to Narendar Ch on 13-May-13 10:38 AM
Employee Starter Kit from :