Microsoft Access - String Comparing and highlighting the differences

Asked By Mahima Chandani on 13-May-13 05:14 AM
Hi all,
Need help very urgently as am stuck and have no clue on how do I go about this logic...

What I need is ..I have 2 strings (old & new) which may contain any information.. (address etc)
Now the new string may change completely or only a few words or alphabets may change.. it depends on case to case..
What I want to highlight to the user when they see it.. the old string and new string.. and also in the new string will highlight the changes as compared to the old string in a different color so that my user visibly identifies the differences.

Can you please help me with this logic..

Eg: OLD: Street 203, New Jersey
New: Street 203, New Jersey, USA.

In the above case we need to highlight ", USA" and display to the user.

Any help is really appreciated.

Robbe Morris replied to Mahima Chandani on 13-May-13 08:00 AM
You see this a lot in source control apps.  Subversion is open source and so is TortoiseSVN.  See if you can't find your answer in the TortoiseSVN source code.
Mahima Chandani replied to Robbe Morris on 14-May-13 03:48 AM
Thank you for your reply but I am not trying to compare 2 codes.. it will be some text that I will extract from a text file dynamically at run-time and display the differences to the user.

Robbe Morris replied to Mahima Chandani on 14-May-13 08:17 AM
And that is exactly what their comparison tool does...