C# .NET - Open source Portal CMS for asp.net 4.0?

Asked By Arun Kumar on 21-May-13 06:22 AM
Dear Friends

                       Here i need to get help from yours side. I need to use Open Source , Portal CMS to my application. Can u tell me How i can achieve it ? Which one is best and good? How  we can implement in my application ?   Please Help me dear friends? 

 Thanks and regards
Bill B replied to Arun Kumar on 14-Jun-13 04:43 AM
Look at ServiceStack  - webservice, SOAP, JSON, JSV, CSV all done for you with a nice simple message request response model instead of writing a shit ton of methods and breaking your proxies and everything that uses them with one little tweak

ORMLite is nice, fast, lite
Massive is pretty neat, dynamic - can add stuff after the fact and your stuff keeps working, how nice is .net 4.0 dynamic and var?

no CMS, but you can easily hook it to a db - or make a service that sits behind DRUPAL and does stuff...
Oh, and you want login integration? Faceplant, google, twit...done
messageQ? done
any database? done
jquery? no problem, all set
routing? totally simple, blows away all the years of hassle I had to mess with for all the different IIS versions over the years. sure, it got much better... but still isn't as simple and easy as ServiceStack

It convinced me to pitch out years of code and I didn't like doing it, but I think it will be better this way.

you can run it ALL on linux with C# MONO while you develop in windows
Yah, I still like having a nice debugger and I'm not going back to the 1980s with a C compiler where I have to write myself messages to figure out what choked.

(Yes, write it with Visual Studio on windows, then write it to a samba share, and run it on Linux) 
REally, transfer the DLL and run it directly on Linux.  There's some gotchas... no MVC4, limited WCF support
different hashing and encryption libs... that's something to work around

who cares anyway
I'm sick of
creating updated proxies, fiddling with config files or making my customized one to point where I say to look,
or creating new test fixtures for nunit to test a bunch of crap because I wanted to add a new method,
totally sick of writing my own code generator for a data layer that doesn't do more than I need
It was less work simply writing a webservice to pass an array to an object datasource...

Not paying for one, MyGeneration isn't my cup of tea, EF doesn't work for MySQL for the Express VS versions...

I can tell you it was easier to get MONO working using UBUNTU or LUBUNTU because their binaries just install the latest. Other linux, like CentOS, you have to compile it from source, configure it, can be a bit of a pain and a learning curve if you're not good at getting/fixing all the right version dependencies of loads of stuff.

Don't waste time on any of the older versions unless you want to torture yourself.


I think it beats doing WCF for ease and speed, just started trying to learn it the other day.
I'm no WCF expert, but I've done some and find it to be tedious just to gain some performance using binary and lose compatibility at the same time.

If google can drive a car to go photo everything while stealing wifi passwords and recording MAC addresses for future whatever, NSA can listen to the ambient noise from the phone or computer mic and listen to the echoes to map your dwelling while converting audio to text, and wireless routers can recognize your hand gestures through the walls as it tracks you, why the hell can't I just talk to my computer and have it write flawless code that does what I want?