Microsoft Access - How can I allow for an override to input in a restricted/validated field?

Asked By Bob on 24-May-13 09:42 AM
I have a rule which limits input into two fields, called "length" and "width": [length]>[width] Or ([length] = 0 Or [width] = 0). This allows for all cases of measurements taken, including those where one or both measurements are missing. Rarely--perhaps once every several years--we have a case where the width is actually larger than the length. Because this is a highly unusual case, I'd like to keep the rule as it is, but allow for exceptions. Is there a way that you can override a rule while entering data into a table or form?

Thanks, Bob
Bill B replied to Bob on 14-Jun-13 05:11 AM
How about adding more to your rule and your form?  Or chkOverride.Value=1
I couldn't check it on my old Access version - can't use multiple columns in a column level check constraint

Instead of using completely restrictive table level validation rules, you could put validation code on your form events where on failure you could just ask are you sure you want to enter this value with a messagebox?

Couldn't you just swap the values?

Isn't the label of length and width arbitrary?