Microsoft Excel - excel dashbord help req - Asked By anu anu on 25-Jun-13 12:05 AM

hi harry

i need req one excel dash bord. i have some raw data with with me like billing data and cost data i need gorss margine report in excel interactive dash bord .

in this dash bord i want to show
 1-branch wise total GM% ,i have 3 branches ,
2-then i need account wise GM% and also separate GM% branch account wise
3 Engneer Wise GM% report
4-Model Wise Gm%


Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 25-Jun-13 02:01 AM
Hello usha,
Do you have anything to start with?  Data?  Data layout? Concept?
anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 25-Jun-13 03:18 AM

hi harry in book 2020 is example sheet of my raw data , and in other file is exmple of chart data.

Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 25-Jun-13 11:20 PM
Hello anu,
This should get you on your way using data tables and pivot tables for your data and then extracting that month by month to match the format that you have shown.  That extracted data then has to be summarised as required for your display page.
Hope this gets you on your way.
anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 26-Jun-13 01:55 AM
thank you harry , done....


anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 04-Jul-13 02:17 AM
hi harry ,

how R you .
once again i need you help , i have Attched one example file , now i want this file modify accourding to my data .

harry i wants this main filter option show in cell C-6.

Main Filter options
Total Cost Total Volume Total Revenue GM%
Apple Cost Colr    
Mango cost Black    
banana cost      
rose cost      

and in 2nd filer option

i want  3 location. Seema, geeta.neena. and also need one option i can select all option in same time .

is it possble. if yes it`s greate.


Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 04-Jul-13 07:46 PM
Hello anu,
I have had a look at your file and the article on Chandoo that dealt with this particular workbook.
One of the problems is that the workbook has been set up to do a very specific comparison between just two years data with the data alternating between rows.  This in no way matches the sort of data layout that you seem to be implying that you want to compare.
I think you would be better to try to use PivotTable(s) to get some real data into the sort of format that you want for charting and then use a worksheet change macro to change the parameters in the Pivot table(s).  I think this strategy was used in one of the responses to one of your other queries.
The other thing is, when you post a spreadsheet, it would be helpful to have some realistic data and data layouts to work with, with a correspondence between what you put in your post and the data that is in the worksheet.
I have inserted a pivot table on the data sheet to get you started on this approach and I changed some cells on the calculation page (they now show other than #N/A or 0) to show just some of the changes that would be required just to see some data without necessarily making the system to be as flexible as you want.
I hope this gets you on your way and when you have some real data and a better indication of what exactly it is that you are needing perhaps I can have another look at it if you get stuck.
anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 11-Jul-13 01:46 AM
hi harry,

i need your help urgentlly,

i have one data like below

NEEna And Co 2520

now need this convet like :

NEEna And Co 2520,6320,8523,963,865

It`s Very Urgent

Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 13-Jul-13 12:55 AM
Hello anu,
Sorry about the delay, I am out of town at the moment.  Do you want the values in one cell (comma separated) or are they in separate cells (no commas) and are there always five values?