Silverlight / WPF - How to display hyperlink on right side panel of PivotViewer?

Asked By Prasanna Belsare on 17-Jul-13 09:06 AM

 I have used Pivotviewer control in silverlight application. I want to display hyperlink on the right side panel of Pivotviewer.
 I tried following in PivotViewerItemTemplate:
          <HyperlinkButton NavigateUri="{Binding myurl, Converter={StaticResource urlconv}}"/>
 But it displays as a text value, and not working as a hyperlink.

 I also tried to use PivotViewerLinkProperty to display link on pivotviewer item. But, pivotviewer display nothing after  adding it. Code is as follows:
                    DisplayName="Assess Me"
                    Binding="{Binding myurl, Converter={StaticResource urlconv}}"/>

 Or is there any other way to display hyperlink for each pivotviewer item?

Robbe Morris replied to Prasanna Belsare on 17-Jul-13 12:13 PM
Where is the click event on the Hyperlinkbutton?  This looks like you are only setting a property value.

I looked up some really old Silverlight code and found that I bound the Url to the .Tag property of the HyperlinkButton.  Then, in the click event handler, performed the navigation using the .Tag property cast to a string.

There may be better ways to do it in current versions of Silverlight.