ASP.NET - Make page work offline via javascript

Asked By anbu n on 18-Jun-14 09:31 PM
Is it possible to make page work offline via javascript.
The real time scenario is user will using web application in ipad/tab , here if internet cuts off atleast the page should not show page not found, also is their any way to stay in visted page undisturbed with some kind of limited funtionalities like only viewing the record like storing in application cache .
Also to avoid postback after offline can it be handled using javascript.
any ideas to work it out
Robbe Morris replied to anbu n on 19-Jun-14 08:41 AM
If the page is already up, yes.  You have to put a bunch of flags in your code to stop submits.  You also have to almost entirely go with a JSON/html single page type approach with your app.  If the JSON calls fail, you just don't adjust your user interface.  A multi-page ASP.NET postback model just doesn't work well for this type of partially connected environment.

If not, this can be problematic if their browser settings for always searching for the most current page are not altered.