SQL Server - How to get particular row ID which has been deleted in table

Asked By Bhanu Pratap Singh on 18-Jul-14 08:47 AM
Hello !
Mr. Robbe Morris,

I want to insert row into table over that row which has been deleted from table.
Because Row ID is auto increament. 
for exam:--
ID Auto increment 
suppose :-  ID No 2 has been deleted. Therefore ID 2 is missing in the table.
I want to insert a record in place of ID 2.
So how to get ID 2 row and then I could be able to insert value in columns on ID 2

Robbe Morris replied to Bhanu Pratap Singh on 18-Jul-14 09:48 AM
Even with Set identify_insert tableName Off, you cannot insert a specific value into that column in SQL Server.  If you have any sort of logic that requires these keys to backfill each other on deletion, you've got a flaw in your architecture.