Microsoft Excel - link data form other sheet - Asked By anu anu on 25-Jul-14 02:20 AM

hi harry ,
i have one sheet with me like a dash bord . in this excel file 2 sheet one is the summary sheet and other is base data shaat
i need in sheet 1 pul data from base data ,2 thing when we chane month in sheet one drop down option auto matically change data below and pull data for the same month from base data sheet .

Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 26-Jul-14 03:44 AM
Hello anu,
Really need more idea of the data layout on the sheets involved.
anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 27-Aug-14 05:41 AM
Hi harry

i have some data in excel i need to make on automize dash bord in same file .

example file enclosed.

it`s grate help on my project.

Thank you
Harry Boughen replied to anu anu on 27-Aug-14 06:34 PM
Hello anu,

You really need to do more work for yourself before asking for help.  I have put in a couple of things that should help you along the way but you are the only one who really knows what you want.

anu anu replied to Harry Boughen on 19-Sep-14 03:30 AM

hi , harry ,

I make one dashbroad according to my requirement  ,but I have done some mistake I d`nt know what is that  actually I need when scroll mouse  highlighted option chart shows and now is not working and one more thing right now when I select project thru select project list option snap shots show I want when I select  Project whether list option or highlight option both chat and data snap shot appear same time .

 can you help on this .this is great help for me.dash bord EXP