VB.NET - Communicate Notification Icon with Windows Service

Asked By Ben Sebuabe on 16-Sep-14 03:10 PM
I am using vb.net ultimate 2013 and I have this notification icon that displays in the system's tray as follows and is put in a timer control.

Dim strC as String= frmHome.txtUserName.Text
frmHome.NotifyIcon1.BalloonTipTitle = "Lands Commission Messenger (" & frmHome.txtUserName.Text.Trim & ")"
frmHome.NotifyIcon1.BalloonTipText = "YOU HAVE " & strC & " FILE(S) / MAIL(S) WAITING FOR YOU TO RECEIVE"
frmHome.ShowInTaskbar = False

Now my problem is how do I integrate the above piece of code into a Windows Service so that when the system starts, the  messages can continue to display. 
Robbe Morris replied to Ben Sebuabe on 16-Sep-14 03:11 PM
A .NET Windows Service cannot communicate with the UI like this.  You'll need to have your small windows UI app to update the system tray icon and decide on a method of communicating to and from your windows service.  You could do this with sockets, a shared text file, a database, etc...