VB.NET - How can I define a textbox that will not remember previously entered text?

Asked By Nancy Ziese on 24-Nov-14 04:27 PM

I want to use a textbox for user to enter their password to login.  I need to fix the textbox so it won't remember previously entered text and show these as suggestions to choose from.  Is this possible?

I have used the form tag to try to fix this but will this work for all browsers?

<form runat="server" autocomplete="off">

Robbe Morris replied to Nancy Ziese on 24-Nov-14 05:14 PM
Not if this is functionality offered by the browser itself.  You'd also want to set your password textbox to


Nancy Ziese replied to Robbe Morris on 24-Nov-14 05:25 PM
Thank you.  Looks like it works.