C# .NET - How to read pdf file and that value bind to gridview??

Asked By Tamil Blaze on 09-Nov-16 03:55 AM
Robbe Morris replied to Tamil Blaze on 09-Nov-16 09:18 AM
Aspose for PDF .NET
alex smith replied to Tamil Blaze on 09-Jan-17 11:16 PM
Check this component which is capable of manipulating PDF files in .NET

Tamil Blaze replied to alex smith on 10-Jan-17 05:35 AM
Thanks for ur answer ...
but i need code how to use spire pdf dll
Mohamed Abedallah replied to Tamil Blaze on 16-Mar-17 12:17 PM
You can use LEADTOOLS .NET PDFDocument class to parse all objects using the ParsePages method in your PDF documents (objects like Text, images, hyperlinks, etc.). You can loop though all objects inside the PDF file and add them into your DataGrid View. See this link for details: