Lounge - SQL (BI) or ASP.NET Development - Asked By SP on 05-Apr-17 11:38 AM

Hey Guys,

I'm at a very strange situation at this moment and not able to decide the next career move for myself.

I've 8-9 years of web development experience in ASP.NET/C#.NET and also have SQL experience.

Now the question is, I am quite confused to go ahead with next level, whether I should go for .NET Development or go for SQL Development and get it done till I reach BI level. I'm also planning to go for higher certification for either of them.

But, BI looks more convenient to go and work as an independent contractor.

I will look forward to get helpful opinion from you guys.

Thanks in advance.
Robbe Morris replied to SP on 05-Apr-17 01:43 PM
Sheer number of jobs available is in web development.  Without a doubt.  Around Orlando, BI pays well but I don't see many job listings and we have a ton of tech jobs in this area.
SP replied to Robbe Morris on 16-May-17 04:42 PM
Thanks Robbe.  It's helpful.