ASP.NET - difference between server side and client side

Asked By Hrashi Reddy on 29-May-17 02:21 PM
Robbe Morris replied to Hrashi Reddy on 29-May-17 03:02 PM
A web site typically has at least two completely disconnected sides because HTTP does not maintain a constant connection between the web browser (client) and the code on the web server (server side) that sends the html/javascript/css to the browser when a page is requested.  Common server side code is Microsoft ASP.NET, PHP, or Java.  There are others but these three are the most common.

When a browser requests a web page, it creates a short term connection to the server side code, executes it, and is returned client side html/javascript/css for the browser to render.  Upon received the code in the client side browser, that connection is disconnected.  Only when another page is requested does the process get repeated.

That is the lamen term version of what client side (browser) versus server side (ASP.NET, PHP, Java, etc...) means.