Outlook - Where is my "sent emails" folder? - Asked By Colleen Colleen on 24-Dec-17 01:50 PM

I absolutely do not see the "sent mail" folder! Even the "outgoing" folder does not contain emails I sent yesterday for which I received responses (so I know they were transmitted). There is only a copy of an old email that I forwarded to someone sitting in my "outbox".
R.C. White replied to Colleen Colleen on 24-Dec-17 01:40 PM

We cannot begin to answer your questions until you give us important details.  Like, what mail client are you using, and which mail service?

Since you are asking in this Windows Live Mail newsgroup, I assume you are using the current version of WLMail, as I am.  But that information is not shown in the headers for your message, so you will have to tell us.

Are you using Hotmail?  Or Gmail?  Or some other mail service?

In MY system, using WLMail with 3 POP3 Mail Accounts, I have 4 "Sent items" folders.  There is one for each email account, plus one Sent items folder - under Storage Folders - for newsgroup posts I have made.  My Outbox, shown just above Storage Folders, is empty - as your probably should be, too - because all the messages that I have told WLMail to Send have been Sent and nothing is left in the Outbox.  And that is A Good Thing.

Dave Dave replied to Colleen Colleen on 24-Dec-17 01:42 PM

You may have inadvertently deleted your "Sent Items" Folder. Try creating a new folder with that name and then make sure the "Save copy of sent messages in the 'Sent items' Folder" is checked.

You will find this in TOOLS | OPTIONS | SEND

Colleen Colleen replied to Dave Dave on 24-Dec-17 01:43 PM


I really appreciate your helpful and suscinct response. You are smart AND gracious! While I was verifying my TOOLS|OPTIONS|SEND preferences, I also customized my WLM toolbar to include "sent items" in a more visible location(how-to below for other seekers). My real glitch was being a relative newcomer to WLM & not knowing at what level of the (seemingly similar email) folder "heirarchy" I could/should expand the contents to be able to view the "sent items" folder. Yes, another new-to-me application I'd love to have the luxury to study like a pro!

["How to" for the tired and weary: Go to top horizontal toolbar & rt mouse select "new" button;select "customize tooldbar", select "sent items" from the "available buttons" column; then activate it my transfering it to the "current buttons" column by use of the ">" function key between the columns). Don't forget to select "OK" before you close out the box.

Again, I am grateful for your kind advice!

Colleen Colleen replied to Dave Dave on 24-Dec-17 01:44 PM


Hello--Your assumption was absolutely correct and I appreciate the example you posted of how you manage and have organized YOUR system. I am sure it will be useful to others, too. Thanks.

R.C. White replied to Colleen Colleen on 24-Dec-17 01:49 PM

Hi, Colleen.

You're welcome, of course.  And I see you are learning WLM fast. 

To clarify another point (in your reply to Dave)...

The "top horizontal toolbar", the one that starts with File, Edit..., is the Menu Bar.  To give us more screen real estate (they said), especially for users with wide screens, the Windows Live Team decided to HIDE the Menu Bar, by default.  it is easy enough to display it momentarily by pressing <Alt>, but I like to see it all the time, so I toggled it on with <Alt>+M, M.  And, yes, there are other ways to do those same things, but I will let you discover
those as you explore.  ;<)

The other horizontal bar, the one that starts with "New" (unless you have changed it), is the Toolbar, and this is the one that can be Customized.  You can right-click anywhere on this bar to get the Customize menu.  You should note, too, that there are several Toolbars.  The one in Mail is different from the one in News, and the one in the Compose window is still different - and each one can be individually customized.  Same with the headers (Subject, From, Sent, etc.) in the Mail and News windows.  You may want to sort by Sent when in Mail and by Subject in News - or not.  You have a LOT of options! 

And check out all the tabs in Tools | Options...  Explore!

Had a similar problem.   Found my 'sent '  emails in the Newsgroup folder.  Fixed it by one of the settings called Authentication  checked the box and away.