Microsoft Excel - Using VB to automatically launch a hyperlinked PDF file in Excel.

Asked By Kellen Yolthe on 04-Apr-18 08:58 AM
Have several files which have been hyperlinked within 1 excel document.
I want to be able to click the hyperlink and have the PDF file automatically launch.  
For example, I have the following:
Sheet1 linked to sheet2: DRAWINGS_Sheet2
Hyperlink1 PDF1 (cell A3)
Hyperlink2 PDF2 (cell A4)
Hyperlink3 PDF2 (cell A5)
Hyperlink4 PDF2 (cell A6)
Hyperlink5 PDF2 (cell A7)
Hyperlink6 PDF2 (cell A8)

Currently when I click the hyperlink it only takes me to the specific cell where the linked file is located. I want to be able to select the hyperlink and automatically launch/open the PDF file in the hyperlinked cell
Robbe Morris replied to Kellen Yolthe on 08-Apr-18 10:18 AM
Use Excel's Macro Recorder to record you manually executing these steps and see if it generates the VBA code for you.