VB 6.0 - SAPI spvoice Status - Asked By rema ramachandran on 07-Dec-04 12:27 AM

Hi all

 I am converting a text to .wav file using Sapi spvoice.speak event.
to find the status of spvoice whether it has finished speaking, i am checking spvoice.status.runningstate. but  its  giving 0 value. whereas SRSEDone = 1 and SRSEIsSpeaking is 2.
 How can to find out the status, whether the sapi has finished converting text to speech (wav format)

Thank u in advance


voice based application - Asked By push karan on 01-Feb-05 11:09 AM

hi all,

 can any one help me by sending voice based application samples..

thanx in advance

Need of Speech enable application in VB (SAPI4,5) - Asked By mahnoor qadir on 02-Feb-05 05:55 AM

well i wanna work on speech enable application but need some before hand so as to know if i shhould take over this project for my finals oor not Please Please anyone do help me and i want a quick response so pla help me out ....
best regards and
 thankzz to those who can help me