C# .NET - VFPole dll 'vfpoledb 1' provider is not registere

Asked By James Nance on 09-Dec-04 06:43 PM
Micrsoft has a OLE data provider for visual foxpro.  I have try to my web host provider to properly installed the vfpole.dll.  They keep saying that it is installed and registered, but I still keep getting the 'vfpoledb.1' provider is not registered exception in my webservice.

It works fine on my PC.

Is there some access rights that I should be worry about?

Any help is would be great.
Asked By Nupur Agarwal on 20-Dec-04 06:11 PM
Wat is the connection string ure using, the error is not really about the dll not being registered. I assume ure trying to connect from .net to vfp ??