VB.NET - how to connect vb net with dsn? - Asked By sleeper sleeper on 12-Mar-05 10:13 AM

I need a dsn connection string to read from a MS Access file that is located on a web server. I want to know where to write the IP address and other things such as DSN name. All your suggestions and help will be appreciated.

web config or app config - Asked By Robbe Morris on 12-Mar-05 11:51 AM

are the standard places to put into like this.  If the info is sensitive, you may need to encrypt it.


dsn connection - Asked By suman tiwari on 15-Mar-05 04:50 AM

go on google for odbcor dsn connection + vb.net 
or  try this

make system dsn (go control panel----odbc conn-----create dsn-----add--->)

in qury simply write 
 cn.open(dsn='ur dsn name';)