SQL Server - SQL Server CE 2 0, Server tools not Installing

Asked By sridhar sridhar on 19-Jul-05 02:34 AM
Hello sir,
OS: Microsoft windows 2000 server edition,
DB: SQL server standard edition version 8.00.194
SQL server CE 2.0.

I am trying to install SQL Server CE 2.0 for SQL Server 2000. I am able to install Development tools but not the server tools and arriving at the following error.I tried with the below service packs:
Sqlce20sql2ksp1.exe and Sqlce20sql2ksp2.exe. Nothing worked and the problem still existing / Killing.

ERROR : SQL Server CE server tools is compatible only with SQL server 2000 service pack 1 and higher. When you install SQL Server CE server tools on a computer running IIS and SQL Server 2000, Ensure the installer for SQL Server CE server tools corresponds to the version of SQL server 2000.

Please suggest me the solution considering it the most urgent.

Regards ,

sqlce - Asked By oj ngo on 19-Jul-05 01:57 PM

This might help:

SQL Server CE 2 0, Server tools not Installing - Asked By sridhar sridhar on 20-Jul-05 11:06 AM

Thankq for a response but This is all done but of no use. Plz help urg.

You need to - Asked By oj ngo on 22-Jul-05 03:44 AM

upgrade your sqlserver to service pack higher than RTM (194).

SQL Server CE 2 0, Server tools not Installing - Asked By Keith P on 24-Jul-05 08:21 AM
Sorry am not giving a solution -  I have the same problem - and a deadline of Tuesday!

Did you solve the problem - if so how?

Thank you
try: - Asked By oj ngo on 25-Jul-05 02:30 AM
*.exe -f c:\temp -e
Per one of MS support - Asked By oj ngo on 25-Jul-05 02:32 AM
2. Manikandan [MSFT]  	  Jun 22, 1:15 am     show options
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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:45:17 +0530
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Subject: Re: Problem installing SQL Server CE
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Try extracting all the files from sqlce20sql2ksp3a.exe and click the MSI to
install (instead of Setup.exe). This is only a work around, we still to
figure out why setup.exe fails in version check. 

it might be worth to try to extract the *.msi to c:\temp and run it from there:

*.exe -f c:\temp -e
Thankq Mr Manikandan, Followed the process but - Asked By sridhar sridhar on 25-Jul-05 08:33 AM
Thankq Mr.Manikandan, 
I followed ur process but of no use.Plz reply URG.

please try to use winzip to extract the files - Asked By oj ngo on 25-Jul-05 02:00 PM
MS did not use windows installer for this package. Thus, the "-e" option is not working.
Thankq a lot - Asked By sridhar sridhar on 26-Jul-05 05:37 AM
Now the sql server CE server tools are got installed.A long running problem is got solved.Thanks a lot.
SANJOY replied to sridhar sridhar on 18-Jan-11 05:55 AM
SQL Server CE 2.0 required. Have any one with it? 
Please send by mail at 
send the link for the same.
(Microsoft already removed the old ver. links and new ver 3 or greater not required.)

Thanks in advance
Sanjoy Sarkar