VB.NET - Crystal report Error: "Load report Failed"

Asked By Taher mu on 04-Aug-05 01:20 AM
I have develop a simple application in VB.NET on windows 2003 and try to deploy on Windows XP client machine. When I open reports form it displays this error ""Load report Failed" with title of dialog box as  " Crystal report Windows forms Viewer"

Question? - Asked By matt cupryk on 04-Aug-05 11:05 PM

Did you use ASP.NET to do it or crystal report 10?

This might solve u'r problem - Asked By suneetha nambari on 06-Aug-05 02:39 AM

I think,it is due to the path given in the ReportDocument or whatever.U need to specify the relative path of the report ,not the absolute path.Figure out the path ,that might solve u'r problem.Still if u couldn't,send the code.

load report failed - Asked By vinit vaidya on 11-Aug-05 04:57 AM

load report failed
Hello Suneetha, I have a problem crystal reports - Asked By mohan kiran on 11-Aug-05 09:26 AM
Helllo Suneetha,
                          I have developed an application in .net 2003 in win2003 when i am deploying in win2000 advanceserver or win2000professional i am getting an error  "load report failed"  i have tried with giving path in the web.config file aswell as using mappath still i m gettingthe same error.
 kindly advice me how to resolve the problem

Question? - Asked By Taher mu on 16-Aug-05 01:44 AM
I use VB.NET with Crystal report bundled in it.