Visual Studio .NET - StatusBar in ASP net - Asked By prat Rani on 02-Sep-05 03:08 PM

Hi All,

I have a business requirement to show status bar in my application.
My routine loops thru list of customerids and generates pdf file for each 
customerid. So when a pdf file is genereated for a customer, then my
statusbar should show as
Customer: Hilton Computers processed

2 out of 500 is processed.
when 3rd file processing in code behind is over, then statusbar shoudl show this.
3 out of 500 processed
4 out of 500 processed.................... & on

So that user knows that, till that customer, files are processed as 2 are processed out of 500.

I see progress bar like loading page etc but not exact status of process.

I appreciate your help.


OK - Asked By Kumar Shetgar on 02-Sep-05 11:08 PM

Well...What you can do is:
Create Status bar and then in your routine after creating each pdf file 
update the status bar text, to display appropriate info.
Check this for more info and example:

Status bar in asp net - Asked By prat Rani on 06-Sep-05 08:38 AM


Thanks for your info. How can I create status bar in C#. In windows forms they have status bar and not in When I looked into the link, you provided, that is for datagrid control. If you don't mind, can you explain elaborately how to create status bar and even if I update status bar text, without refreshing the page I need update to be shown to user.

I appreciate your help.