Compact Framework - Applicability of so called “Domain Model”

Asked By Paul Abraham on 27-Jan-03 03:48 AM
What do you think about using so called „Domain Model” in the business layer?

Is it practicable for a web application? 
I mean, there will be problems to store the object layer of each user session during the “Page round up” ?
Is it easy to update other peer object layer , if  a central  data is changed in a specific object layer?
Is there any real systems which implement this kind of architecture?

Using the "Domain Model" in web apps - Asked By Chris Falter on 25-Jul-14 01:17 AM

I think this model is practical for many web apps.  The UI and the data layer are bound by very strict syntax rules and requirements.  These interfere with the interaction of objects in the "domain" that a user is interested in.  Therefore, you would introduce a domain model in the business layer that is free of the constraints in the UI and data layers.  I have seen web apps that actually do this.  The trick, as you have indicated, is to get handle the interaction of the domain model with the UI and the data store (the problem of updating).  

The MS Prescriptive Architecture Group has posted an excellent paper on this subject at  I highly recommend this article to you.