SQL Server - Creating ERD From SQL server - Asked By a nia on 24-Nov-05 05:10 PM

Hi all,

This question is not really a database question but I thought I'd ask. Do you know if it is possible to generate an ERD diagram from an existing SQL database? I know that you can link to your database in visio but I don't know if it's actually possible to get visio to translate your database into an ERD!

As far as I know - Asked By Jon Wojtowicz on 24-Nov-05 06:04 PM

the database diagram in Visio is an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram). It displays the entities and the relationships. You can get better tools for more money. You can also use the SQL Server Diagram tool to display the same information. Personally I like it better for SQL Server than Visio. You can disply all the entity information such as column types and lengths.

sql diagrams - Asked By arvind v on 24-Nov-05 08:28 PM

you can use the sql server diagrams to create erd in sql server. you can access it if you are using sql server enterprise/standard editions. THis is not available in msde.

THis is a simple drag and drop type of creating erds.

Entity and Relationship - Asked By F Cali on 25-Nov-05 12:10 AM

Hi A nia,

For any application to generate an ERD diagram (whether it be Visio or SQL Server Diagram), you need 2 things namely (as the meaning of ERD stands for), the entity and the relationship.  The easy part is the entity, which is just that tables in your database.  For the application to show the relationships between these entities, you should have foreign key relationships between your tables.  Once you have these 2 things, Visio and SQL Server Diagram can already generate an ERD diagram for you.