VB 6.0 - savepicture method vb6 - Asked By Rodney Kalansuriya on 28-Nov-05 11:27 PM


I want to save the picure to a file from a picturebox. Initially the picture box was loaded with a bitmap file I created with monochrome settings(to make the file size minimum). On the form I do some graphics and painting on the picture box(using the bitmap as the canvas). Problem comes when I used savepicture method as----
----savepicture pctPicture.Image, "File path\mybitmap.bmp"-----------

This saves the everything okay except the size of new bitmap mybitmap.bmp. It seems that no matter what the original setting of picture of picturebox, resultant one is always 24-bit file.

Does anybody knows vany way of controlling how the image from the picture box is saved?

Size of bmp - Asked By John Conway on 23-Dec-05 12:47 PM

I made a copy of the original pic (To preserve the Original SIze . I used the copy  because once changed it will never be the same quality if you want to up the size again)

Once the copy is made I went to the ICON and Right Clicked - Choose Edit- Then Go to IMAGE and choose Stretch/Skew. You'll be given a prompt then to choose the size you'd like for both X and Y coordinates