VB 6.0 - How to place an Icon or Image VB Sub Menus?

Asked By Ralph Acido on 13-Jan-06 10:21 PM
Helo every one! Im here again to ask for your help... Im developing a simple program.. Does anyone know how to place an icon/image on the VB menus or submenus? thank you..

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Hello, may i know how to include the bar code control button into VB, are any free bar code software can incorporate with the VB for me to print out from the normal printer?

ToolBar/ImageList - Asked By John Conway on 14-Jan-06 12:03 AM

1. Go to Programs and Click Components 
2. Check Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 then click OK
3. Place a Toolbar and ImageList on your form
4. Right click imagelist1 that on your form and click properties
5. Select and choose 16 x 16 
6. Choose the Images tab
7. Click Insert Picture- find the Icon you need and double click. You will see the image in the properties page of the Imagelist.  (Notice that the Index is set to 1) and Press OK
8. Now right Click on the Toolbar that's on your form and Click Properties
9. Go to where yo usee ImageList  <NONE> and change to Imagelist1 
9. Click the Buttons tab- Click Insert Button
10. Look where you see ToolTipText - To the right you'll see Image: 0-- Change the Image from 0 to 1 and click apply

 Repeat the steps to add more.

Thank you Sir! but i have a question again - Asked By Ralph Acido on 15-Jan-06 09:03 PM

Thank for your help.. it really works... I have a menu bar that contains(File, Queries and Reports, Tools, etc..) and every menus there are sub menus.. my problem now is how to place an image or icon on the sub menus.. Let's say in the Patient Sub Menus.. how to place an image on the left side of the Patient Sub Menu.. please i need your help...
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