VB 6.0 - Shutdown computers - Asked By Ralph Acido on 17-Feb-06 04:25 AM

helo! how to shutdown all computers in one network?

You can find it here - Asked By Eric Kong on 17-Feb-06 07:30 AM

http://www.vbcode.com/default.htm . 

You need a client and a server program to do so. Just type remote control or shutdown Have fun

Try this also - Asked By Eric Kong on 17-Feb-06 07:37 AM

I'm currently learning to do a project on this. U can shutdown, restart, logOff and others neat stuff.

To shutdown, Reboot Window NT using VB - Asked By Eric Kong on 18-Feb-06 01:42 PM


Here said that VB can't just shutdown or reboot by using ExitWindowsEx API so just follow this way and it really works. I just try it. Really happy coz finally can do it.