VB 6.0 - VB application in a web - Asked By Ralph Acido on 17-Feb-06 04:28 AM

is there such a way that a vb application can be access through the internet?

Do you mean - Asked By Hazel Siu on 17-Feb-06 12:31 PM

launching a VB application on clients' machines from a web page?

Basically, you can launch an application (not restricted to VB) using client-side script on your web page.  However, it's usually blocked by the browser because of security risk to clients' machines.

Also, it depends if the appliction have included some registry settings during installation to tell the computer that it's saved to launch from a web browser.

VB application in a web - Asked By John Conway on 17-Feb-06 12:34 PM

There are 2 examples in the Samples folder called: DHShowMe and PropBag.