VB 6.0 - Email address validation - Asked By Sri Devi on 22-Feb-06 11:42 PM

Kindly let me know as to how do we check if the text entered in a text box is in the form of a email id or not.. i.e, checking if the text is in the format aaaa@aa.aa

Check this - Asked By mahesh pesani on 22-Feb-06 11:51 PM


Check this link.

Vb Script:

Java Script:



Simple checking - Asked By drammer _ on 23-Feb-06 12:12 AM

[CODE]Function IsValidEmailAddress(ByVal strEmail As String) As Boolean

   IsValidEmailAddress = (InStr(strEmail, "@") = 0 Or InStr(strEmail, ".") = 0 Or _
      Len(strEmail) < 7)
End Function[/CODE]

Thanks - Asked By Sri Devi on 23-Feb-06 02:18 AM

The code was helpful Thanks a lot
Thanks - Asked By Sri Devi on 23-Feb-06 02:20 AM
Thanks tons. It helped me a lot
VB code for Email validation - Kevin D' Souza replied to Sri Devi on 29-Jan-09 12:27 AM
This is a simple code for validating an email id. I dont know the extent to which it can work foolproof but I thing so it can work for simple email validations