VB 6.0 - Crystal 10 report problem - Asked By Ralph Acido on 23-Feb-06 01:50 AM

Hello! I need your help! how to open the report i made in crytal report 10 in vb 6.0... and i would like to be the recordsoure set during runtine in vb6.0... thank you..

Sample codes - Asked By drammer _ on 23-Feb-06 03:27 AM


TRY THIS WAY - Asked By CHANDU V on 23-Feb-06 09:30 AM

PLACE crystal report control on ur form and change its name to cr2. then write code in command1_click()

Cr2.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\EnReg.rpt" '(or cr2.reportfilename="c:\enreg.rpt")
Cr2.WindowState = crptMaximized
Cr2.Action = 1

ur using version 10, then, crystal reort designer is automatically added in ur project.
it is located in project menu-->crystal report 10 or 
project menu-->activex designers-->crystal report 10
this is add ur project, then crystal report automatically added in aform through crystal view.
there is no necessary create report outside. using designer it is automatically added to ur form.