VB.NET - Class in dot net - Asked By Ralph Acido on 26-Feb-06 11:32 PM

Hello! im a new in vb.net.. anyone who can give me a lectures on how to create a class in vb.net, use a class.. what are the uses of a class.. so please lend me something that i can read so that i would know how to use class...

Definition of class - Asked By drammer _ on 26-Feb-06 11:43 PM

A class is an abstract data type containing data, a set of functions to access and manipulate the data, and a set of access restrictions on the data and on the functions. You can think of a class as a template or a blueprint for an object.

A car is an example of a class. We know that a car has attributes, such as the number of wheels, the color, the make, the model, and so on. We know that it also has operations, including unlock door, open door, and start engine.

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Object Oriented Programming concept - Asked By Pankaj Sharma on 27-Feb-06 02:09 AM


Class is a blue print,code representation of a real world entity. Real world entity has some attributes, utilites, events. Similiarly class can be used to represent those events, methods & encapsulate the attributes in form of private members exposed though use of properties.

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Some more links - Asked By Pankaj Sharma on 27-Feb-06 02:24 AM

Here are some links would help you in understanding OOPS with VB.NET




Creating a class in dot net - Asked By bharathi karedla on 07-Mar-06 01:25 AM

Uses of class :

Maintenance of code by introducing modularity.
Encapsulation of internal complexities in code from end-users.
Reuse of code across applications.
Support for a single interface to implement multiple methods.

Try this book Titled:"Database programming using VB.Net and SQL server" (Secrets of developing an accounting package Revealed)

This book explains how we can create and use the class for developing a database application.