Visual Studio .NET - DatetimePicker Accepts NULL Value

Asked By Hema Chaudhry on 27-Mar-06 03:46 AM
I m stuck with a problem
that I have a datetimepicker
I want that untill user does not select any date 
that datetimepicker will show nothing (instead of this that shows tha default Today's date)
AS the value property of the DateTimepIcker will not accepts NULL(Blank)
How can i get the desired feature of the datetimepicker
Asked By Sushila Patel on 27-Mar-06 09:09 AM
Also check transcript
Host: TimWilson (MVP)
Q: Does the new DateTimePicker control in 2005 allow the user to pick "NULL" as an option? This is a common need.
A: Yes there is a fairly common need for something similar to this. But you can use the checkbox (unchecked) to indicate that there is no valid value selected in the DateTimePicker

Thanks - Asked By Hema Chaudhry on 28-Mar-06 03:49 AM

Thanks a lot 
I will the Way 
then get back to u

Thanks a lot

Hepl - thanh ha replied to Hema Chaudhry on 24-Jan-08 07:08 AM

Help help help help..........................