VB 6.0 - how do i display values from VB6 to crystal rpt?

Asked By Ralph Acido on 28-Mar-06 12:21 AM
how do i display strings from VB 6 application.. lets sa fopr example i want ti display the value of Textbox name txtDate in my Crystal report 9.0  when the report is called?

Please help...
Asked By Shallu Gupta on 28-Mar-06 01:06 AM
Create parameters in Crystal Report.
snd beore opening the report st the parameter value equal to the value of text box..

Create a txtbox and use setvalue method - Asked By Amit Choudhary on 28-Mar-06 01:10 AM

''Create object of crystal report
Dim m_d_reports As New CrReport

Take new txtbox in crystal report to keep value
m_d_reports.txtDate.SetText  Datevalue

Do this code in vb while calling object of CrReport

will you please give another example? - Asked By Ralph Acido on 28-Mar-06 01:19 AM

may i ask another example.. or will you expand your explanation so that i can under better.. or will you give the steps sir? thank you...