C# .NET - back button to navigate to the previous form

Asked By aparna priyadarshini on 17-May-06 07:42 AM
hi i m trying to develop an application in which each windows form will have a back button which will open  the previous form.how do i do it?

declare a global variable - Asked By Venkat K on 17-May-06 07:44 AM

and when you go to some form just store the form name from which u navigate in that global variable so when you pressed back button display the form which is stored in that variable.

Hope this helps!

passing values to the previous form - Asked By Anish Thomas on 23-May-06 12:22 AM


on a button click i have popped up a form using showdialog when i click ok btn on this form(2nd form) i need to pass the values stored in the textboxes(there are around 10 textboxes) to the first form, from which i have shown the second form.
how can i do that