VB 6.0 - What is the fastest way to update a record?

Asked By Ralph Acido on 02-Jun-06 03:59 AM
I'm using VB 6.0 for my application and theres a time that i need to update one record to a particular table that contains 94862 rows and 21 columns..

I have already created a program to do the task but im not satisfy with the output I mean it is very slow in updating the record...

Here's my sample declaration:

Dim db as New AdoDB.Connection
Dim rs as New AdoDB.RecordSet

db.CursorLocation = ADUseClient

db.execute("Update transactionheader Set fcremarks = 'DELETED' where fnID = 1212")


Tha's my code.. so adddtional codes so that it would be faster to execute the task?

Asked By Shallu Gupta on 02-Jun-06 06:35 AM
Check if your table you are trying to update is actively used.
Also try to Update Record through a Stored Procedure