VB 6.0 - Runtime error '2147168242 [8004d00e]'

Asked By Talat Khan on 03-Jul-06 02:18 AM
some times i get this  error  when I  try to  add  a  new record in sql database  thru  Vb application.Othertimes  I get this  error when editing already  saved records through same  Vb application.
            And on  few  computers  in my office   it  is   working  absolutely fine   but on others   it keeps  on showing  this  error.(which means that code  is  fine as some computers  are running it properly)

Kindly reply soon

Answer - Asked By Kevin Davis on 03-Jul-06 03:20 AM

Peter answered this question at this link.  http://www.eggheadcafe.com/forums/ForumPost.asp?ID=16040&INTID=14.  This might help you.  He explained that your error code definition is for transaction error.

Transactions are used to control data commitment to databases. For example, in standard account procedures, it is necessary to debit one account and credit another at the same time. Since computers break down on occasion (power outages, network outages, and so on) there is the potential for one record to be updated or added, but not the other. To avoid these situations, transactions are used. Transactions in ADO.NET are, just as in ADO, handled at the database level: your database must support transactions.

GotdotNet has a great sample of transaction where I got the definition above:  http://samples.gotdotnet.com/quickstart/howto/doc/adoplus/DatabaseTrans.aspx



error '2147168242 [8004d00e]'not all the computer - Asked By Talat Khan on 03-Jul-06 04:04 AM

Mr. Kevin,
        The points u mentioned are  in my knowledge bt  my point  is  that  same  code (exe file) is   executing  on some computers with out any errors  but on others  it  is   showing the this  runtime error '2147168242 [8004d00e]'.
        Can u  help on this.