Ask Dr. Dotnetsky - Change printer after job already in print que?

Asked By Dave Smith on 06-Jul-06 12:29 PM
Hi.  If I have already sent jobs to a printer, it is possible to change the printer since the documents are still just in the print que?  I have a default printer selected which is not attached to a network.  I inadvertently sent a huge batch of jobs to print to that printer which won't be accessible to me for at least another week now.  I am currently connected to a network and am running Windows XP.  Is there a way that I can take those jobs sitting in the print que and re-route them to the printer on the network?  Or do I need to just delete them from the que and go back and reprint?
Thanks in advance!

No - Asked By Rocky Guls on 06-Jul-06 01:12 PM

I dont think u can reroute it.

U hv to use some 3rd party component for this

Check this link for details

Joseph Petree replied to Dave Smith on 29-Dec-13 01:00 AM
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