VB.NET - Checking Folder Permissions using VB - Asked By Hamdullah Mohib on 10-Jul-06 06:34 AM

Hi All,

I need help to write a function in VB.NET to check the permissions on folders on a shared drive. The function should list all the permissions in a console window. I need to apply this function to many folders so it should accept a parameter to get the address (path of folder). 

Your help is greatly appreciated.

see this code - Asked By Rocky Guls on 10-Jul-06 10:47 AM


also see


Checking Folder Permissions - Asked By Hamdullah Mohib on 10-Jul-06 12:11 PM

Thanx Rocky. I have already had a look at those codes.  They are just too complicated. I am a complete stranger to vb and I need this script completed by tomorrow evening. Can anyone break it down and give help me with a piece of code which simply checks a folder/file and list the permissions already alocated to that folder/file. 

I don't need to change the permissions, I only need to check what groups have what kinds of permissions. E.g. Imagin 'Administrator' is the name of a group. The code needs to check what permissions does the group administrator have, like Full control, Read/Write, etc...

C# but may help - Asked By Kevin Scott on 17-Jul-06 10:58 PM