VB.NET - Get datagrid value - Asked By Ralph Acido on 28-Jul-06 04:34 AM

How to get the value of the data grid in windows forms in wich the column is equal 1? 


answer - Asked By Amit patriwala on 28-Jul-06 05:35 AM

u just type 
in vb.net 
try it first

? - Asked By ryan moises on 30-Jul-06 09:03 PM

i just want to know if can vb6 can stand alone in a computer that has not a vb6 or .net like the foxpro..thanks

No, VB6 requires the VB6 runtime dll - Asked By Robbe Morris on 31-Jul-06 09:14 AM

and any other active controls.  If I'm not mistaken FoxPro also requires a runtime generally made available in default builds of Microsoft operating systems.