WCF/WF - Securing web service using SAML - Asked By tjondro utomo on 28-Jul-06 08:59 AM

Help me to implement how SAML secure a web service!
There are 3 assertion type of SAML such as authentication,Authorization and atribute!
Until now Iam confused to put the SAML script?Beside that Iam not much know about web service,specially how to  create and access a web service!
Asked By Sushila Patel on 02-Aug-06 11:38 PM
This link will give you explanation SAML

Sample code

Regarding information on how to create and access Web services you can check out

Re - tjondro utomo replied to Sushila Patel on 08-Sep-06 12:55 AM

Thanks your information!
on this link : http://www.dotnetjunkies.com/quickstart/aspplus/doc/webservicesintro.aspx

there is only simple of web service!
Now I dont know how to implement web service to my project!
Iam working on e-commers web site for booking room hotel!
I want to create web service for this web,and than I have partner bussines that use web service to do transaction!
Can you help me to finishing my project?

Sushila Patel replied to tjondro utomo on 08-Sep-06 08:38 AM

Here is a sample of how to Create and Consume Webservice

Also link on Extensive examination on webservices would help