Visual Studio .NET - adding image button in datalist

Asked By Richa Omar on 01-Aug-06 06:52 AM
i have a datalist in which i am adding imagebutton which are generated dynamically.
but this is giving error.
should i add this in datalist_itemcreated or itembound event.
i dont know about these events.
please help me.

Code - Asked By J S on 01-Aug-06 08:37 AM

[CODE]<asp:ImageButton runat="server"
ImageUrl='<%# Container.DataItem("pictues") %>' />[/CODE]
Asked By Richa Omar on 02-Aug-06 04:40 AM
i am adding image button dynamically.
i want it in aspx.vb page by mannualy coding.
if there is any solution then please help me
Asked By Sushila Patel on 03-Aug-06 01:15 PM
The sample shows adding the Label control to the page dynamically
You can just change code to use imagebutton